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Sleep Bamboo

Chocolate Bamboo Duvet Cover Set

Chocolate Bamboo Duvet Cover Set

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Set Includes: 1 Duvet Cover and 2 Pillow Cases.

  • 320 Thread Count

    • 100% Bamboo

      • Super Soft Sateen Weave

        • Eco-Friendly Vegetable Dyes

          • Naturally Anti-Microbial

            • Hypo-Allergenic

              • Thermal-Regulating. No overheating, say goodbye to turning the pillow over to the cold side!

                • Feel like a cross between a plush cashmere and silk textile.

                  • Sleep dryer! Bamboo wicks moisture away from the skin.

                        • Blocks bacteria like dust mites & bedbugs

                          • Scientific textile studies have shown bamboo sheets to repel germs like dust mites & bedbugs. You will notice this in the way the sheets repel common odors!

                            • Recommended by doctors for people with asthma as bamboo sheets have the ability to repel dust.


                            We use low-impact Vegetable pigment-based dyes and use natural processes to finish the fabric. Perfect for those with sensitive skin and restless leg syndrome!


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