Silk Lined Pillow

  • Silk Lined Pillow
  • Silk Lined Pillow
  • Silk Lined Pillow


Attributes of our Pillow

- All natural silk fill liner

- All natural cotton outer shell

- Moisture wicking properties help to reduce effects of night sweats

- Keeps your skin moisturized

- Breathable materials: no longer need to flip the pillow around looking for a cool spot

- Easy care: machine wash and dry

- Certified asthma & allergy friendly™


By combining the luxurious and all-natural materials of the SmartSilk™ pillow with the science of sleep, we have developed a pillow that will provide you with the most comfortable night's sleep. With the introduction of The Pillow by SmartSilk™, you are now able to experience the health and wellness benefits that SmartSilk™ products provide, as well as have the opportunity to find the optimal pillow loft that will offer you a delightful sleeping experience. Sleeping with the right pillow is necessary to having a restful night's sleep. To find the correct comfort level, it's about taking body size and sleep position into account. A person's optimal pillow aligns the curvature of the spine and natural set of one's shoulders with a neutral neck position. There are three different sleep positions that we are focusing on: back, side and stomach sleepers.

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