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The Pros and Cons of Bamboo Sheets

Does it seem like everyone is raving about bamboo sheets these days, but are they really as good as they say? Bamboo sheets seem to have picked up everyone’s attention in the last few years as more and more people are making the switch - and for good reason! Bamboo sheets come with a laundry list (no pun intended) of benefits for you, your health, AND the environment. To help you understand the craze and decide what’s best for you, we’ve broken down the pros and cons of bamboo sheets. But before we get into it, we first need to cover the basics - what are bamboo sheets? What are bamboo sheets? Bamboo sheets are made from the fibers of the bamboo tree. And while you may be thinking, “that doesn’t sound too comfortable” it’s actually quite the opposite. This brings us to our first “pro”.

Pros - Softness There’s nothing like curling up inside soft, cool sheets. That’s exactly what you get with bamboo! The softness of bamboo sheets far surpasses its competitors. Generally, choosing a higher thread count means softer sheets. It also means your sheets are more likely to pill and tend to rip easier. When you’re shopping for bamboo sheets, it’s a different story. Bamboo sheets are made with a lower thread count. They utilize long fibers that stretch the entire length of the sheet rather than short fibers that create a higher thread count. This means bamboo sheets are less likely to tear or pill over time for more durability. It also means they’re more breathable and cleaner - more on this later. Although they’re made with a lower thread count, bamboo is softer than cotton, because of the nature of the material. Not only is bamboo initially soft, but it also gets softer and softer with every wash.


Bamboo sheets prevent you from overheating. If you wake up hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable, you may be overheating in your sheets, leading to poor sleep. Without waking up in the middle of the night to toss the covers off, you’ll have a more restful, deeper sleep. Allowing you to wake up feeling rested and refreshed! When you sleep with traditional cotton bedding, your body heats become trapped. This is why you may wake up warm and uncomfortable. Bamboo, on the other hand, is a breathable fabric that efficiently vents excess heat and moisture, keeping you comfortable, and cool.


Compared to traditional bedding, bamboo is more durable and longer-lasting. Bamboo sheets are made with a lower thread count and with bamboo that is stretched across the entire length of the sheet. Because they use longer fibers rather than short fibers that are interwoven together, bamboo sheets are less likely to tear and pill and will last much longer. Saving you money and benefiting the environment.


Many people struggle with allergies caused by fabrics or the chemicals with which they’re made with. Bamboo sheets are naturally hypoallergenic, making them a great choice for those with allergies, asthma, or skin concerns. SleepBamboo takes it a step further, using low-impact vegetable pigment-based dyes and natural processes to finish the fabric. When you choose SleepBamboo, you can rest assured you’re choosing the best option for your health.


Bamboo sheets have the ability to fight off the microbes and bacteria that normally build up on your bedding. Why is microbial growth happening on your bedding? Microbial growth is most likely to occur in places that are high in moisture and temperature. If you’re wrapped in your sheets, warm and sweating, you’re creating an ideal environment for bacteria to grow. Because bamboo is breathable and moisture-wicking, unlike its cotton counterpart. With bamboo, you’re creating a cooler, cleaner, and dry environment, free from unwanted bacteria.

Cons -


Bamboo sheets are more expensive than your traditional cotton sheets. While bamboo sheets come with a higher price tag, you’ll likely find they’re worth every penny. Because bamboo sheets are more durable, they’ll last for years to come and won’t need to be replaced like cotton sheets. This will save you a significant amount of money over time. With bamboo sheets, you’ll also be in for more restful sleep, which is priceless.


Bamboo sheets are prone to wrinkling when they come out of the wash, so this may be a drawback if you like crisp sheets. However, if you hang dry your sheets you’ll notice the wrinkles will usually drop out. And after all, they are going on your bed, under your covers, for only you to see.

Since 2008, SleepBamboo has been manufacturing our own silky-smooth, anti-microbial, thermal regulating, AAFA-certified bamboo bed sheets, duvet covers, comforters, and towels. We’re committing to helping you achieve your best night’s sleep. Are you ready to sleep cooler, become more eco-friendly, and improve your health by getting better sleep? Check our wide range of bedding options to transform your bed into a spa-like experience.

Pamper yourself…you deserve it!

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