how to wash sleepbamboo sheets

How to wash bamboo sheets?

Congratulations you have purchased luxury sheets 

Washing Bamboo Sheets is Almost like Laundering any other high-end bedding. 


How to wash and dry your bed sheets.

  1. Always wash your bamboo sheets on their own, without other types of clothes/towels etc.
  2. Always wash with cold water.
  3. Never use bleach or any detergent that has a bleach additive.
  4. Always use a gentle detergent, if possible try to use a low suds detergent like Woolite or Ivory.
  5. Always wash on gentle cycle. (if using a basic detergent it's best to just use a little approx 20% of normal amount you would use.)
  6. Always dry on low heat and remove from dryer when sheets are 95% dry, as with any fine linen you do not want to over dry.
  7. If possible air dry with no heat or even better hang dry for best results!


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