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How to sleep cooler

If you are a hot sleeper or someone that suffers from hyperhidrosis, menopause night sweats, or hot flashes. Then you are one of the millions of Americans that experiences overheating when you sleep. There are a few common reasons why we get hot and sweat when we slumber. A medical condition called Hyperhidrosis; approximately 2%-3% of Americans suffer from it. Its symptoms are excessive sweating of the soles and palms. This condition can raise the body temperature during the day, and then at night body temperature naturally rises contributing to excessive heat. Menopause night sweats and hot flashes are other common causes of sleeping too hot & overheating during deep sleep for women. People with these medical conditions have a hard time sleeping in the summer heat. Thankfully for most of us that are hot sleepers relief is as easy as a few simple sleep hacks that can really change your life, and boost your quality of sleep. Sleeping cooler improves your quality of sleep and will help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated all day long. This will have a dramatic effect on your mental and physical well-being. First, let's understand why we get hot and overheat when we sleep?

There are two types of sleep.

  • Sleep Stage 1. This is the first stage of deep sleep, this happens in the first 30-60 minutes after falling asleep. This sleep has four phases that alternate in levels of depth. Our breathing and pulse rate slows down, and the body from staying in the same position on our bedsheets starts to get hot, then the body naturally begins to cool itself. Physiological changes in this first stage of deep sleep serve to enhance overall brain activity the next day and strengthen our immune system.
  • Sleep Stage 2. The other type of sleep – REM (rapid eye movement) is a much deeper sleep this is where the body replenishes and heals, also this is where we have intense dreaming. When we are in this sleep cycle our body temperature increases as much as 3 degrees, this is why it is so important to keep the room cool when we sleep. Overheating during REM sleep causes us to waken from night sweats because blood pressure, heart rate, and respiration levels increase. To get the REM sleep we need to thrive we must not interrupt the REM sleep cycle for at least 4 hours. Studies show that REM sleep improves our learning abilities and memory retention and contributes in numerous ways to our emotional wellness.

Not getting the right amount of quality sleep consistently can have negative results on our overall health

When you cut down on quality sleep, it will be hard to wake up in the morning and your mood for the day will be less than normal. This is obvious but it goes deeper than that. According to recent studies, receiving high-quality sleep on a regular basis has been shown to improve a variety of different health concerns, including your blood sugar and physical performance, and overall mental wellbeing. Poor quality sleep has an impact on ''bad moods'' and can even cause temper flare-ups. Sleep deprivation causes people to become irritated, aggressive, and according to research, sleep deprivation has also been linked to increased depression.

Melatonin, often known as the body's "sleep chemical," is produced in greater amounts when you sleep in a cooler environment. It's also a powerful natural antioxidant, so it acts as the body's anti-aging hormone. According to studies, several kinds of sleep disorders have been related to increased body temperatures. The production of cortisol, or "stress hormones," increases as the body temperature rises. A cooler bedroom with increases air flow may aid in the maintenance of appropriate cortisol levels, resulting in reduced stress and improved sleep. We can reduce our risk of acquiring metabolic illnesses like diabetes by sleeping in a cool environment. By boosting our growth hormone levels, it also helps to prevent heart disease, depression, and obesity. Melatonin strengthens our immune system and reduces our risk of Alzheimer's disease.

Sleeping Cooler Can Help Melatonin Production In The Brain

How Can I Sleep Cooler To Sleep Better?

First, Try To Create A Comfortable Sleep Environment, Maybe Add Some Mood Lighting To Your Bedroom And An Air Diffuser, Or Some New Plants, And Maybe Even A Water Fountain On Your Bed Table. After That, To Sleep Better And Feel Rejuvenated The Next Day, Cool It Down Baby! Recent Medical Studies Show That Sleeping Cooler Is Linked To Better Sleep And Better Brain Health. This Translates Into A Better Quality Of Life, So Let’s Go People Start Sleeping Cooler To Live Better. Here Are A Few Tips To Sleep Cooler Especially In The Summer Heat, Where Overheating When You Sleep Is Most Common.

Sleep Hack/Tip Number 1

Invest in a new strong air conditioning unit and or a standing fan to get airflow in the room.

Sleep Hack/Tip Number 2

Make sure to use black-out curtains in your bedroom so no light and sunlight heat penetrate through the window in the morning, and even a small amount of light can upset your melatonin levels and cause drowsiness the next day.

Sleep Hack/Tip Number 3

Invest in better quality breathable bedding, especially sheets, mattresses, and pillows. This is the best thing to do because bedding that stays cool to touch will help keep you from overheating when you sleep and will aid in keeping hot sleepers' body temperature regulated. Sheets are the most common thing that causes overheating when we sleep. Most bedding textile fabrics are not designed for breathability. This is because of the yarns, fabric weaves, and heavy dyes that used in the manufacturing process. Pillows and mattresses are also possible causes of overheating and sweating when you sleep, as the memory foam mattress materials in these products are made from materials that heat up quickly and resist wicking.

In summary, there are numerous options for hot sleepers to regulate their body temperature at night. In heated situations, air conditioning or fans are critical for a good night's sleep. Blackout curtains are designed to filter out sunshine and even heat! However, the most significant improvement you can make to improve your overall sleep quality is to invest in high-quality bedding composed of natural fibres and engineered to keep even the warmest sleepers cool throughout the night. Additionally, sleeping cooler increases melatonin production in your body, promoting deep sleep. Your life depends on it.

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