Go Green with Bamboo Sheets!

Go Green with Bamboo Sheets in the Bedroom 


bamboo sheets

Everyone who is environmentally responsible is trying to find as many ways as possible to have a Green lifestyle. But going green doesn't dictate that you should turn your lifestyle completely around no matter. There are numerous strategies for going green in your daily life. Many people are under the misconception that going green requires a substantial financial investment. In some cases, this might be true, but as with any technology, as green products become more readily available they will also start dropping in price.

 Bamboo sheets are a very environmentally friendly linens choice. Bamboo rayon is, of course, made from bamboo, a kind of fast-growing tall grass. The nature of bamboo growth is very land efficient and requires almost no irrigation or chemical assistance. But don’t' think all bamboo bedding is environmentally friendly. While the bamboo growing industry has the foundation necessary for renewable agriculture, some growers have chosen higher productivity and profits over sustainability.

Generally, bamboo is very easy to farm in a sustainable way because it doesn't need
fertilizers or pesticides, and almost never needs mechanical irrigation. This fact makes bamboo grass a great resource because it requires almost no human assistance. Bamboo also has a very diverse growing range as well. It is a very hardy grass that can grow in many different environments ranging from extremely dry to very wet, and from extremely cool to excessively hot. It also grows well in existing forested regions which contributes to the local ecosystem. In addition, bamboo also has a positive impact on the local environs by halting the loss of top soil and expelling lots of oxygen.

So, if you are at all familiar with bamboo sheets, you know that they are very eco-friendly. So bamboo bedding, by its very nature, is already green. But if you really want to be sure your bamboo sheets are eco-friendly here are some tips for shopping for green bedding:

Try to find environmentally friendly blends. Bamboo fibers are frequently combined with other materials to get a certain result. But man-made fibers such as acrylics and polyester are not nearly as green than bamboo. To be certain your bamboo sheets even greener, try to find blends made with only natural fibers, such as linen, cotton, hemp or silk.

These suggestions should help you get an even better night's sleep then you would just by purchasing bamboo sheets alone. Also, be creative by seeing how many things you can let go in your mission to go green and live an eco-friendly lifestyle. You'll feel better about yourself and the earth will thank you for efforts.